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lolamontalban consultancy and training is about business intelligence and analytics, marketing, sales, and leadership. Courses and programmes.

Strategic Programme

Strategic planning and conscious leadership one-on-one mentoring for professionals, businesses, and organisations.

Ignite Programme

A 10-week plan plus two individualised tutorials (at the start and finish of the programme) follow the initial assessment session. Develop a comprehensive plan for entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and communication to introduce your items, info-products, and brand.


Si lo que quieres es Vender

A comprehensive podcast-based sales training covering all you need to know, do, and know how to do. Concise and useful for any competent salesperson hoping to turn prospects into paying clients. In Spanish.



Forthcoming books

in 2024  👇

If you intend to Sell.

Leadership and other Issues.

Trial and Error

In Spanish.


More than 200 courses in six main areas: leadership, productivity, marketing, sales, technology, and specialised English. For Spanish workers.

Monday Morning

Every Monday, you’ll receive the best material for growing your business (Leadership, Marketing, and Sales). In Spanish.

Launching in 2024!

Upcoming Book


The audio course book has over 120 chapters in 10 sections full of recommendations, exercises, and resources to get the most out of each one. In Spanish.


99 Thoughts on Conscious Leadership for Professional and Personal Success. In Spanish.


Trial and Error is a book that recommends a relatively minimal activity: thinking. Civilisation = Brain + Ethics + Technology. In Spanish.

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LEADERSHIP book lolamontalban consultancy and training
THINKING BOOK lolamontalban consultancy and training
IYITS lolamontalban consultancy and training

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The topic of discussion is SELLING, not the Roman Empire. “If you intend to sell” is a comprehensive podcast-based sales training designed for any proficient salesman who hopes to turn prospects into paying clients. In Spanish📻

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strategic programme lolamontalban consultancy and training


Individualised mentoring
Packages or one-time

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+200 courses
in 6 areas. In Spanish.

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10 weeks programme
+ 2 individuals tutorials

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111 clases vía podcast
in 2024. Spanish

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Upcoming Events & Courses

What do you need: work with your data, sell, apply what works today, improve your processes, change…?

It’s your choice: Stay as you are, doing what you’ve always done, or get going and improve your results.

At lolamontalban consultancy and training, we are ready to help you!


WIB Conference


BI Tour 2024


SLQQEV – Season 1

08/01/24 – 31/07/24 podcast

Strategic Programme


Ignite Programme – 1st Semester

15/01/24 – 30/04/24

Launch of free resource platforms

MARCH – APril 2024 Online

Launch of SLQQEV Book

Presell 15/01/24

LaUNCH 19/02/24

Sales training

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Use the resources and services made available for your professional and personal development.
Services help launch or grow your business, including strategic  programme, mentorship, and training. Unique no-cost resources.

Strategic Programme

One-on-one mentoring for business owners, professionals, and organisations in strategic planning and conscious leadership.

Training LM Institute

More than 200 courses in six main areas: leadership, productivity, marketing, sales, technology, and specialised English. For Spanish workers. 

Free Resources

Books, podcasts, information and blog articles. Platform for free presentations. Platform for free introductory courses.

Ignite Programme

Develop a comprehensive plan for entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and communication to introduce your items, info-products, and brand.


A complete sales course in podcast mode to know, do and know how to do. For all good salespeople who want to make money by converting their buyers into customers.


Every Monday, we’ll send your inbox the best knowledge for expanding your company’s sales, marketing, and leadership.


At lolamontalban consultancy and training we assist people in managing change by utilising their leadership abilities, creativity, innovation, and productivity to generate leads and profits. We collaborate with business owners, start-ups, brands, small businesses, and corporations that are specialised in a range of industries, such as telecommunications, energy efficiency, media & publishing, finance, healthcare, big data, import-export, education, public administrations, business, marketing, trade, technology, and utilities. Our favourite subjects include conferences and trainings, management and leadership, presentations and storytelling, innovation and technology, transformation and talent development. We have talked at numerous organisations and conferences.

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Why Trust Us

She has a collaborative and engaging Leadership style that leverages her exceptional communication skills and her strong command of business acumen. She can set high benchmarks and achieve them in a timely, solution selling and integrated manner.” 

Eduardo Piriz (National Sales Director Australian & NZ  – 3D Networks Australia Pty Ltd. )

One word to all: Fantastic !!! As a colleague and person. She’s a really true asset to any company.” 

Claudia Lopes Monteiro (Afina Westcon Group Company)

imagotipo lolamontalban consultancy and training

Lola is very customer focused, hard worker, innovative and dedicated to business success. Her great attitude and positive energy at work helps her build excellent relationships with coworkers, partners and customers. She is very responsive and reliable, always interested in learning and developping her carreer. At Cisco she showed her skills in sales and business development .”

Yolanda Lamilla (Strategic Lead  at Google Cloud Apigee)



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